4 Easy Ways to Overcome Can’t Login on Valorant


When you want to play Valorant but can’t log in. Almost all Valorant players have encountered this problem.
A common cause of this problem is that the Internet connection you use is unstable or maintenance is in progress. Although this does not exclude the possibility that there are also causes from other things.
If you encounter this problem, I will explain how to solve the problem of not being able to connect to Valorant.

How to solve the impossibility of connecting to a Valorant account?

So that we can usually reconnect in Valorant, there are four ways to do it. Check your internet connection, reboot, verify your login details, and ask Riot Support for help.

Here is the entire discussion:

1. Check your internet connection

For the first step, you can try checking your internet connection. That is, whether the link you are using is stable or not.
Because to be able to play Valorant, a stable connection is indeed necessary. Especially during the initial login screen.
When the connection is unstable, your PC or laptop usually crashes, and Valorant cannot connect to the desired account or anything else.
Well, you can try changing the connection to another provider. If you are using WiFi, it is recommended to use a wired connection to avoid packet loss.

2. Restart the PC/Laptop

Valorant’s inability to connect to your account can sometimes be easily solved by restarting your PC or laptop.
After the restart, Valorant can return to the game as usual.
In addition to being able to fix the problem of not being able to connect, this method can also be used for those of you who open Valorant, but the game does not seem to work.

3. Check that your login details are correct

During the first connection, you must ensure that the data entered is correct. Whether in username or password.
Because if you make a typo, you will automatically not be able to enter the desired account.
Please recheck your account login details. If necessary, try changing the password in the account menu on the official Riot Games website.

4. Reset Account via Riot Support

Finally, you can reset your account through Riot Support.
This method can be used if you have a problem with your account. For example, you filled in the login data correctly, but the login still fails.
With a note, ensure you still have the first Valorant account email or email that was saved at the start.

The actual steps are as follows:

1. Open the account restore page on Riot Games’ official website.
2. Fill in the Username and Region menu according to your account information.
3. Next, scroll down the page.
4. Complete the registration information form. Enter the email address you used to sign up for a Riot account here and select the YES option.
5. Finally, tap on the Restore button.

Once the account has been restored, you can try to log in to the Valorant account again. This way, the account will be able to log in normally again as usual.


These ways to fix the Valorant account cannot be a related issue. Many Valorant players encounter this problem.
And to solve it, make sure you have followed all the tips described before.
For those who still don’t understand, ask directly. You can send your questions in the comments section below.
I hope this will be useful.

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