rooting android

Dangers of Rooting Android Phones

Android has come a long way. This development started from the beginning of his presence until today when his figure is everywhere. The price is getting cheaper and cheaper, but…

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Easy Ways to Permanently Delete PUBG Mobile Account

PUBG Mobile is one of the most played mobile games ever. Even most of the active players are former players. Well, some of these players have also decided to retire…

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4 Easy Ways to Overcome Can’t Login on Valorant

When you want to play Valorant but can’t log in. Almost all Valorant players have encountered this problem. A common cause of this problem is that the Internet connection you…

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Indosat network

How to speed up the Indosat network

As we already know, the mobile network’s signal factor greatly affects the Internet’s speed and the quality of the connection used. Therefore, many Internet users want to optimize their mobile…

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mockup photoshop

How to make a t-shirt mockup in photoshop

A mockup is a conceptual image digitally designed to look like the real thing. There are many types of mockups. Like stickers, wallpapers, and more. Including clothes. The existence of…

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Create a blog on your Android phone

There are currently hundreds of millions or perhaps even billions of sites on the Internet. These sites also have various themes. likeTechnology,Games,Information And many more Well, you can also create…

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