Restore Deleted

5 Ways to Restore Deleted HP Contacts (100% Work)

The contacts we keep on our mobile phones are one of the most critical personal data. Why this? Because in these contacts there is information about someone we can contact….

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Calibrate GPS

How to Calibrate GPS On Android

How to calibrate GPS – GPS is a function that allows satellites to pick up and know the position of mobile phones, both at rest and in motion. The technology…

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Ruler Apps

4 Online Ruler Apps to Easily Measure Objects

To measure an object, we usually use a ruler. Have you ever gone somewhere and wanted to measure something but forgot to bring the ruler? Fortunately, there is now an…

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rooting android

Dangers of Rooting Android Phones

Android has come a long way. This development started from the beginning of his presence until today when his figure is everywhere. The price is getting cheaper and cheaper, but…

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4 Easy Ways to Overcome Can’t Login on Valorant

When you want to play Valorant but can’t log in. Almost all Valorant players have encountered this problem. A common cause of this problem is that the Internet connection you…

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Create a blog on your Android phone

There are currently hundreds of millions or perhaps even billions of sites on the Internet. These sites also have various themes. likeTechnology,Games,Information And many more Well, you can also create…

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