Create a blog on your Android phone

create a blog on android

There are currently hundreds of millions or perhaps even billions of sites on the Internet. These sites also have various themes. likeTechnology,Games,Information And many more

Well, you can also create a website for free. To create a personal website, there are two ways.
You must first pay to buy a server and a domain (site address).

Second, you can create a blog, also known as a personal website.
Blogs have been popular for a long time. Even before 2010, many blogs were spread across the Internet, and they continue to grow until now.

Where to Create a Free Blog

To create a personal and, of course, free blog, you can use is a website publishing service created by Pyra Labs and has now been acquired by Google.

A site feature created from, at the end of the site address, will be marked (this is called a subdomain).
In addition to blogger, you can also use But the fixing procedure will be different.
Well, specifically, here, I use

How to create a free blog about Android phones

Step 1: Please download Google Chrome Android from Playstore first.
Step 2: Open the application.
Step 3: Then open
Step 4: Then you will see an exhibition like the following.
Step 5: Please click on Create Your Blog.
Step 6: Enter your email and password.
Step 7: After successfully logging in, fill in your name and click Create New Blog.
Step 8: Enter the title of the blog you want to create.
Step 9: Enter the address of the blog you want to create.


Give your blog address a name that is easy to remember. Don’t make it long, don’t give numbers, don’t give a strip (-).
For examples:

Step 10: Finally, click on create a blog and wait for the upload to finish.
Done; if there is a notification from Google Domains, click next time or click on the cross.
Well, here, the blog can already be used. But before starting blogging activities, as usual, you should first define the blog description.

How to set a blog description:

In the left menu, click on settings
Click edit in the description
Enter a brief description of the blog, a maximum of 500 characters.


Enter a description that contains words with the theme you create.
For example, the best tech blog discusses computers and mobile phones.
Explanation of Menus in Blogger
Suppose you are a beginner and still confused about the menus. Here I will briefly explain the basics.

Here is an understanding:

Posts This post shows a list of articles (writings) created. Both articles were published, and those that were not published.
Statistics These statistics are to be understood in the summary category. This overview shows pageview data for visitors.

Comments Through the comments, it is possible to see the comments of the blog visitors, whether they have been published or are still under moderation.
Pages To create custom pages on your blog. This page differs from the posts, so if you don’t understand, skip it.

Layout This layout works to organize widgets on the blog.
Theme You can set or change the appearance of the blog. There are 2 types of themes: blogger inbuilt and themes made by third parties.
Settings You can set the basics of the blog that was created.

How to Write on a Blog
If a Youtuber’s job is to create, edit and upload videos, a blogger’s main job is to write.

Here’s how to write a blog:

  • Click on the main category
  • Click New Entry
  • Then you will have an exhibition like the following
  • Brief explanation:
  • Title Enter the title of the post you want to make
  • tT logo To change the font size (letter)
  • Image logo To insert an image into the writing being created
  • Link To insert a link
  • B / I / U To make text bold, italic, underline
  • Logo A To change the text color
  • Video logo To insert a video into the article
  • Quotation To create text in parentheses
  • Explanation of the menu on the right:
  • Label This is to give a category to the writing being done.
  • Schedule Because it’s rarely used so skips it.
  • Permalink To set the article address, and it can be left.
  • Options To set comments.
  • Finally, if the article has been filled out, click publish. Then automatically, the article your friend
  • created is published and ready to be read by millions of Internet users.
  • Front cover
  • Creating a blog is very easy. Creating a blog doesn’t take 5 minutes, as long as you already have a
  • Gmail account.
  • The step itself is not binding. For example, you can use other browsers such as UCBrowser or other browsers. Logy content is ready to help.

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