Do You Think English Is A Hard Subject? No,…. It Is The Easiest Subject.

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Prime Minister David Cameron wants more Muslim women in Britain to learn English to reduce segregation between different language communities and even limit the appeal of extremism.

Do You Think English Is A Hard Subject? No,…. It Is The Easiest Subject.

Do You Think English Is A Hard Subject? No,…. It Is The Easiest Subject.

Most of us who have tried may find learning a new language difficult, even if the new language is similar to our own. So how difficult can it be to learn English, especially if your mother tongue is very different?

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The difficulty of learning a new language will depend on how similar it is to one you already know. Despite the fact that English speakers often rate certain languages ​​as very difficult – languages ​​like French, which denotes the gender of a noun with articles like

If you learn French, you will quickly recognize many words, because the English equivalent has French Latin roots, such as ballet or friendly. If you study Chinese, you will find that its grammar is similar to English in many ways – for example, every Chinese sentence has a subject, predicate, and object (although English speakers may find it easier to learn French than Chinese).

The greatest difficulty arises when people learn English when they do not have the advantage of sharing many loan words or grammatical patterns with English. This will include speakers of Arabic, Urdu and Bengali – the three most common languages ​​spoken by Muslim immigrants in the UK.

In my experience, the most common complaint about English is that the spelling of words often has nothing to do with their pronunciation. It’s easy enough to teach someone how to write the letter “a”, for example, but then one has to learn to change the pronunciation in words like

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Contrast this with the simplicity of Spanish, a language where the “a” and other vowels rarely change pronunciation from word to word.

, there are muted letters scattered all over English words: “k” in knife and knead, “s” in island, “p” in receipt, and so on.

A recent song of unknown origin, a favorite among English teachers looking to entertain their students, contains confusing lines such as:

Do You Think English Is A Hard Subject? No,…. It Is The Easiest Subject.

I assume you already know about hard and branch, cough and dough? Others may stumble, but not you due to hiccups, really, thrusts, and all the way.

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Another area of ​​difficulty that English learners frequently comment on is the prevalence of irregular past verbs in English. It’s simple enough to remember that time has passed

There is not always a pattern for these many irregular verbs. For verbs ending in “ink” we have “think/think” but another irregular pattern “drink/drink” and a regular pattern “winked/winked”. English has several hundred irregular verbs that students can enjoy memorizing, and many of them are used very often:

A tricky difficulty concerns the way English speakers show politeness. Some languages ​​have very clear ways for their users to do this. In French, you can use the pronoun vous instead

In English we can use longer words: “Would you like to eat food?” instead of “Would you like something to eat?” – but it sounds rude, it sounds a little awkward.

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There are less obvious ways to show politeness in English: use questions (“Can you pass…” instead of “Pass…”), express doubts (“I don’t think you can…”), and apologize, even for small requests (“Sorry to bother you, but…”).

If the subtleties are not mastered, then those who are fluent in English (or any other language) – even if they don’t mean to be rude – can inadvertently come across as rude.

So don’t think for those who are first time picking up English textbooks – mastering an unfamiliar language is difficult (subject-verb approval can be tricky for both beginners and English learners. This means that the subject of the sentence must “agree” ” with the verb — with In other words, if the subject is singular, the verb must be singular.

Do You Think English Is A Hard Subject? No,…. It Is The Easiest Subject.

Finding subject-verb agreement can be as simple as looking at the subject of your sentence. If there is only one noun, the verb must be singular. If there are two or more nouns, the verb must be plural. Challenge yourself with a subject-verb agreement quiz that focuses on the basics of subject-verb agreement, as well as simple and compound subjects.

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See how well you know the rules of subject-verb agreement with this sample question. Additional exercises can be downloaded from the printable worksheet below.

Read the following sentences and choose the correct verb from the options in brackets for each sentence. Note that when a compound subject uses “or” or “not both”, the verb must match the nearest noun.

Determine whether each sentence below is true or false. On a piece of paper, copy the incorrect sentence so that the subject and verb agree.

If you’re up for a bigger challenge, download and print the worksheet below. This is a great way to test subject-verb agreement skills for yourself or your students.

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Can you identify all the wrong sentences? If so, did you copy it correctly?

The rules for subject-verb agreement become more complex when you use the right pronouns and nouns as the subject of your sentences. “Mary bought a present for us” seems simple, but gets more complicated with pronouns like “She bought a gift” or collective nouns like “Team bought a gift.” Continue reading for subject-verb agreement exercises related to proper pronouns and nouns.

Test your subject-verb agreement skills with this sample exercise. They follow the same format as above, but the subject includes a proper pronoun or noun.

Do You Think English Is A Hard Subject? No,…. It Is The Easiest Subject.

Decide whether each sentence is true or false. On a piece of paper, copy the incorrect sentence so that the subject and verb agree.

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If you want more of a challenge, these practice questions and more practice can be found with the printable worksheets. Just download and start working on your subject-verb agreement practice!

None of our sentences would make sense without the agreement of the subject and the verb. But with a solid understanding of the subject-verb agreement, students can move on to writing different types of sentences. Learn more about subject and verb agreement with 20 subject-verb agreement rules and several subject-verb agreement worksheets.

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