Easy Ways to Permanently Delete PUBG Mobile Account


PUBG Mobile is one of the most played mobile games ever. Even most of the active players are former players.
Well, some of these players have also decided to retire and want to delete their PUBG Mobile accounts.
If you are also included, you want to delete your PUBG Mobile account, and here I will discuss the guidelines in full.

Notes before deleting the PUBG Mobile account

By deleting it means, you will delete the PUBG Mobile account permanently. It also means that it cannot be returned. For this, you need to know the following notes:

  • UC in PUBG Account will be lost and cannot be returned.
  • Character skins and all items are also removed
  • Friend list data in PUBG will also be lost.
  • All your login data will be deleted from PUBG Mobile.

How to Delete PUBG Mobile Account

In games in general, account deletion can be done through game settings. But in PUBG Mobile, it is different.
To be able to delete an account, we need to seek help from Tencent, the developer of PUBG Mobile, to delete our account.
So that later, the account can disappear from the game and can no longer be used. For more detailed steps, please refer to the following guide:

1. Open PUBG Mobile Settings

First, you need to open PUBG Mobile settings. You can click on the menu icon at the bottom right.
Later, a settings window will appear on the right. There you can tap on the Settings menu to enter the settings.

2. Tap Logout on the primary tab

Then you will be taken to the PUBG Mobile settings page. In this setting, you must first touch the Basic tab.
Then look down and tap the logout button to request a PUBG account logout.

3. Confirm Logout from PUBG Mobile

If so, a logout request dialogue will appear. If you are sure, you can tap an OK button to log out of your PUBG account.
If so, wait a few moments for the loading process of logging out of your PUBG Mobile account to be completed.

4. Email Tencent Support

After logging out of the PUBG account, the next step is to email Tencent support. For Tencent’s email, you can contact PUBGMOBILE_CS@tencentgames.com.
Then for content, you can explain that you want to delete the PUBG account. You can also send the PUBG account data you want to delete, like ID and Nickname.
An example of the message content can be shown above. If your email is answered and the support team needs more data, please provide it to facilitate the account deletion process.

5. Wait for the PUBG Mobile account to be deleted.

Finally, you have to wait for Tencent to delete your PUBG account.
Well, because the duration itself is uncertain. Sometimes it is fast (about a day), occasionally it can also be extended (3 days or more).
The characteristic of an account that has been deleted is that the report will not be found when you try to log in. Then, you cannot log into the account during the process either.


Well, that’s the whole discussion. The method is not complicated, log out of the PUBG Mobile account and then make an account deletion request to the Tencent support team.
Because it requires a process, you must be patient until the account is completely deleted.
If there is anything you don’t understand in my explanation above, please send a comment via the column below.
I hope you will find it helpful.

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