Faten, This Is My Friend, Abeer ##

Faten, This Is My Friend, Abeer ## – How to reduce the appearance of wrinkles naturally? Although it seems inevitable that wrinkles will appear, there are natural ways to reduce their appearance As we begin to age, dandruff, which causes bumps on our skin, begins to form, especially on our face, neck, and hands. Also known as rightides, they […]

I have used many products and have been disappointed with the quality and negative effects the products have produced

Faten, This Is My Friend, Abeer ##

Faten, This Is My Friend, Abeer ##

Great cream, I tried it and saw the difference from the first week, I wish you the best and I hope I will continue with you and try all your products 🌺

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God willing you have more products and treatments than a nice soap, you’ll go crazy with a wonderful deodorant, it’s enough that it’s healthy and we’re not afraid of it. Thank you very much

My daughters and I use Futna conditioner and the product is more amazing because it has amazing effect and our hair becomes soft and smooth after leaving it on the hair… about 10 minutes and we are mentally relaxed because it is a natural product. There is nothing better than Fitna products. Read more

I love the hair conditioner.. a big difference from the first use.. it bleached my hair so the finish was dry.. this… the product makes your hair so soft and less frizzy 👩‍🦰 Read more.

I like all the futna because it is very beautiful I recommend every woman to use it

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I love your product Lately my face skin has become very dry from combination I tried masks, natural oils but it was just… worse I have been using All In, Dates Night Cream and Eye Serum for a few days now, and I can see a huge difference. I will definitely recommend your product to my friends who wish them well p.s. The smell of the products is therapeutic..love it. Read more

I am very happy with their customer service, shipping and product! I ordered a cream and it was delivered in less than 24 hours… even during lockdown! I now use the all in one cream and am very happy with it! Also, the secret night serum is great! So happy to have natural products from Jordan 🙂 Read more

The face scrub is amazing, it really cleans the skin and leaves a healthy glow – and it’s all natural.

Faten, This Is My Friend, Abeer ##

I love your products especially that they are all organic! And I always get the tonic and makeup remover ❤️ because… the lipstick is so cute, keep reading this.

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Hello, frankly, I want to say that everything I took from Fitna was terrible, and thank God that he gave me the results I wanted.

Futna products are a pleasure to use Natural organic matter Proud to have such high quality… Made in Jordan products Besides creams and oils, I enjoy blushers, lipsticks, mascaras with a nice brush that covers the eyelids, deodorant sticks and rolls, as well as soaps and hair shampoo bars and hair conditioners. I am addicted to Futna and I recommend you to try it Read more

This product is amazing I started using it two days ago and I am speechless All my family knew about it and … asked me a lot of questions about it I can’t even describe how amazing it was I would like to order more of your wonderful natural healthy products.My face is glowing like a diamond. Thank you for your honesty

Les produits Futna n’ont rien à envier aux grandes marques de cosmétiques! L’essayer c’est l’adopter, c’est très … bien comme cadeau pour la famille et les amis aussi! Thank you. Read more

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Love the clean stuff! They are organic and safe and I can feel the difference! Thank you Suher Ajjuni!

I am very happy to have found the Futna product Their moisturizer is something I am used to It feels and smells great….it’s also good to know the ingredients are from good places! All natural good luck! Read more

Futna is simply a magical organic product Thanks Suhar for making women look younger and more beautiful I recommend that all women should try this amazing futna product Read more

Faten, This Is My Friend, Abeer ##

Just love these products! All natural, and feels good on the skin! My personal favorite is the Anti-Wrinkle Eye…Cream! … and toner.. and more 🙂 Super quality. Cheap prices and the best part is they are organic! Read more

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These are great products The body butter is moisturizing enough for my legs but light enough to feel good on my… face The soap removes sun dust without drying out my skin The toe and nail cream smoothed out my feet for sandal season I cannot recommend Futna enough Read more

Futna products are unique because they offer real, authentic and organic ingredients that you need every day…at reasonable prices. After using many popular brands in the skin care industry, I believe I have found what is perfect for my skin Very happy with my valuable discovery Thanks Suher – read more

I love your products and feel like my face has a wonderful glow these days.. Thanks Futna.

Lavender Deodorant, Lip Stick, Clifiring Astringent Toner, Organic All-in-Cream (SPF 30), … Revitalizing Lavender Soap and Gentle Skin Scrub Soap are seriously and truly beautiful. I have been buying from Lose for a long time, and these products are a whole new level of excellence Futna is promising and has got another committed customer !!! Looking forward to trying the other great products Futna has to offer !!! Read more

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I love these products, they are natural and made with so much love and passion, they feel so good to use and are so positive…a change from all the toxic chemicals we put on our skin in the name of beauty!!! Good luck and to read you more I headed to Abe Sekli’s studio on the jasmine-scented streets of Leybedeh (Jordan), a true and inspiring Jordanian identity. Aber Sekli is a Jordanian architect who has been featured on several global and local media platforms for his innovative “woven house” which was nominated for the 2012 Lexus Design Award.

Leading architecture schools in the Arab world are heavily influenced by international trends in the built environment and sustainability, and unfortunately Arabic reference materials are largely ignored in teaching. Evolving thinking of the built environment and its relationship with people and nature relies on digital and virtual practice students leave the community with and with minimal interaction with building materials.

In addition, the growing disconnect between research and market needs in most developing countries widens the gap between engineering and sustainable development. Recognizing the uniqueness of traditional Arab architecture and its historical importance in shaping sustainable building concepts raises concerns about the role of local knowledge in addressing contemporary sustainability challenges.

Faten, This Is My Friend, Abeer ##

For Aber, the opportunity to study abroad gave him new insights not only about architecture but about his own capabilities and abilities within a larger context. On the other hand, what he was given in a culturally rich home environment was a respect and appreciation for art, creativity and the environment. With time, exposure and experimentation, Aber defined his architecture The pure meaning of technology is craft, weaving and making, its definition of innovative architecture emphasizes the fusion of old and new, traditional and contemporary. It also considers architecture as a social technology

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When people focus on the product, they often overlook the joy and benefits of the process Focusing on the process builds confidence and self-awareness and requires hard work and thought while still having fun experimenting. It enables us to engage more deeply in the present, and thus, allows us to learn faster and experience life more fully.

According to Aber Sekli, architecture is not about the building itself but more about entering it and experiencing the metaphysical nature of time. “Typical architects today tend to sit in closed offices and use computer software to design buildings. This only takes away from people and nature. As a real architect, you need to be outside to experience, interact and test your designs.” “Creation is about the process and not the outcome,” says Sekli.

As a firm believer in process, Aber Sekli has been working for years on building his creative fabric. When the time is right, he uses this creative act to satisfy human needs Participating in the Lexus Design Award is his fabric that is associated with people and nature

Disaster shelters are made from a variety of materials, but Aber turns to solar-absorbing fabric as his material of choice for creating solar-powered and nomadic-inspired woven shelters. Culture The use of structural fabrics refers to the ancient tradition of joining linear fibers to create complex 3-D shapes.

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Tackling such an important issue as shelter for humanitarian purposes could not be more relevant to new architecture and sustainable development. With Jordan hosting

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