How Are You Doing Traduction

How Are You Doing Traduction – Great examples of employer branding come in all shapes and sizes and from different industries. As more candidates come in, we see what it is.

Enjoy working for the company and your employer brand becomes more important. In this article, we’re going to share 9 outstanding examples of employer branding and what we love about them.

How Are You Doing Traduction

How Are You Doing Traduction

Before we get to the employer branding examples; employer branding; It’s good to quickly review the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and the difference between the two.

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Simply put, your EVP promises your employees as an employer in return for their commitment. It includes the sum of all the benefits and rewards that employees receive from the organization where they work.

Your employer brand, on the other hand, is the face your company presents to the outside world as a potential employer. It is the sum of all people’s opinions when someone asks whether they would work for company X or company Y.

In other words, your employee value proposition defines what your employer brand tells other people (including candidates) about what employees want to do with you. So the EVP is sometimes referred to as the “why” of the organization and the “how” and “what” of your employer brand.

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At a time when candidates increasingly value an organization’s reputation as an employer, so does your EVP and employer brand. Keeping Your EVP – Keeping promises to your employees will improve their engagement and your trust as an employer. Plus, it can make your current employees the best ambassadors for your employer brand and create great examples of employer branding like the one below.

For us, growth is about the idea that the little things can make a big difference.

It’s embedded in our products, embedded in our culture, and empowers us to critically examine the status quo.

How Are You Doing Traduction

As a candidate, you immediately understand what this company stands for and what you can expect if you work with them. A visit to Molly’s career page will give you a better idea. In capital letters, “Be authentic.” The message couldn’t be clearer, to begin with

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On the social media front, Molly also does well in terms of employer branding. For example, Mollies, a startup company’s LinkedIn page. Includes posts about employee stories and journeys and their hiring process.

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Another good example is employee headaches. They boast a unique “Mollie look”, for which the company’s photographer even created a special filter. As a result, pictures of Mollies are a real eye-catcher on the Internet.

Chipotle Mexican Grill is, as you may have guessed, a chain of restaurants headquartered in California. Despite the severe impact of the COVID-19 crisis on many parts of the restaurant industry, Chipotle has actually expanded its business.

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As a recruiter, the most important thing when you make promises to employees and candidates is, as I mentioned earlier, that you do what you say you will.

Chipotle appears to be making good on its promises: The company beefed up its parental leave program last year, added mental health programs to its benefits in 2019, and more opportunities for employee education.

In addition, more than 70% of the company’s general managers are the result of insider shares, and 70% of them are from different backgrounds.

How Are You Doing Traduction

The company’s Facebook page features countless examples of Chipotle employees sharing their experiences working for the company. Each story describes how the organization provides employee benefits, demonstrating EVP key messages that focus on promotion and inclusion.

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In other words, Chipotle’s Facebook (and Twitter) page shows everyone that this is a company that does what it says. Therefore, this is one of the best examples of employer branding we’ve seen.

Electronic Arts (EA) FIFA; is an American video game company known for popular games such as The Sims or Battlefield.

EA’s career website gives (potential) job applicants a solid picture of what it’s like to work at the company and what their priorities are.

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Candidates can see EA’s commitment to inclusion and diversity through concrete examples of what they have done inside and outside the organization. This includes celebrating Juneteenth and International Women’s Day, as well as actions against racial injustice. Watching this EA shows that they really walk the walk.

In addition, they detail their virtual hiring process to set and manage candidate expectations and describe how the organization supported employees during the COVID-19 pandemic.

EA builds employer brand by sharing employee stories. Not only do they have an InsideEA Youtube channel, but they also use Linkedin to highlight employees from around the world.

How Are You Doing Traduction

The video (voiced by Idris Elba) talks a lot about the company and what it means to create a world where chocolate is 100% fairly produced and also a lot of fun and being around.

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Tony’s does a great job of spreading their mission and appreciates all the opportunities they have. A good example is their chocolate covered packaging. Tony’s chocolate bar is not divided into equally sized pieces of chocolate to remind people that profits in the chocolate industry are not distributed fairly.

Inside the chocolate wrapper is Tony’s Chocolonely’s mission of a 100% slave-free chocolate world and how they plan to get there.

The company website is a beautiful display of the entertainment element that is very important to the company. An example of this is Team Tony’s presentation (see below).

Netflix offers award-winning TV shows; Movies, one of the world’s most popular streaming services, offering documentaries and much more.

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Netflix’s careers page begins with a section about its (in)famous culture. Unlike what you might expect. You will be taken to a page full of lots of text. Videos, pictures, or just plain background words that annoy you with nothing else.

The company culture is broadly described and doesn’t make things look better than they are. For example, this is the definition of a Netflix dream team; They talk about how they think the team should work and how they can all stay in the team if they fail the goalkeeping test (their manager won’t attack. If he leaves, keep him.)

Their compensation policy is to pay employees at the top of their market (2% raises are adequate and 4% raises instead of great pay). This means that some workers will get paid faster than others if their market value increases.

How Are You Doing Traduction

For those who want to watch the video, the company’s career page also has a video of Netflix CEO Reed Hastings talking about what he’s learned in his 20 years at Netflix. It’s also honest and paints a realistic picture of what it’s like to work at Netflix.

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PetSmart has a very simple message at the top of their careers page: everyone who works there loves pets. This fundamental passion for pets animates the company’s culture and unites its people.

In keeping with employer branding, the company initially shared images of puppies and kittens. However, now they’re incorporating similar stories so candidates can better see themselves in the role and connect more personally.

According to Dani Kaufman, PetSmart’s employment brand manager, creating #LifeAtPetSmart is a great way for PetSmart to engage with employee-generated content and all colleagues as it brings them together.

On its website and various social media channels, PetSmart does a great job of communicating its love for pets and people through both images and words.

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Eventbrite empowers anyone to create, share a global self-service ticketing platform for live experiences that lets you find and attend.

Eventbrite does a great job of showing employees that they are being listened to and showing candidates that the company is at the forefront of the latest developments in the world of work. What do you think?

The company’s employees, also called Britelings, are more flexible; Choice and performance revealed. Eventbrite responded by changing its business philosophy. Employees will be given three options when offices reopen.

How Are You Doing Traduction

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