How Did Queen Die

How Did Queen Die – Queen Elizabeth II’s death sets in motion a detailed plan called ‘Operation London Bridge’, as well as another plan called ‘Operation Unicorn’.

LONDON, United Kingdom – The death of Queen Elizabeth II at the age of 96 has set in motion a detailed plan for what will happen in the coming days as Britain and the rest of the world mourn the loss of the monarch.

How Did Queen Die

How Did Queen Die

While the details of the plan have remained a mystery throughout the Queen’s seven decades on the throne, pieces have leaked out in recent years.

Operation London Bridge: Here’s What Will Happen Now That Queen Elizabeth Has Died

In 2017, the Guardian revealed that what happens after Queen Elizabeth II’s death is known as “London Bridge”. In 2021, Politico reported that it had obtained documents that further described the plans and detailed Prince Charles’ ascension to the throne – reportedly called Operation Spring Tide.

But because the queen died while in her Scottish country home, another plan codenamed Operation Unicorn will be activated, Politico reported in 2021. Under this plan, it is believed that the queen’s body will be flown to London in a royal train if possible.

According to the Guardian, a pedestrian in mourning clothes will nail a note with a black tip to the gates outside Buckingham Palace.

As was the case after Prince Philip’s death, the Royal Family website will be turned into a memorial. The Guardian reports that it will initially have the same text as the notice on the gates.

What Happens When Queen Elizabeth Ii Dies? Britain Must Confront The Question

The BBC interrupted its scheduled program to broadcast the announcement on television and radio stations and played the national anthem “God Save the Queen”.

The moment the Queen died, Prince Charles became king, according to University College London, according to the common law rule that “The King never dies.”

Charles was scheduled to make his first speech the night after his mother’s death, the Guardian reported.

How Did Queen Die

Documents obtained by Politico explain that the queen’s funeral is expected to take place 10 days after her death. The Prime Minister will be the first member of the government to make a statement, the report says.

What Is Operation London Bridge? The Plan For When The Queen Dies

The days following the queen’s death will include proclamations, a heavily scheduled television program and a four-nation tour by the new king, Politico and The Guardian reported.

4. Prince Louis: third child of William and Catherine. Until a few years ago, Louis would have been ahead of Charlotte because they preferred male siblings regardless of when they were born. The Succession to the Crown Act, passed in 2013, removed this rule.

It is certain that no one below this point on the list will ever take the throne. William and his three children, grandchildren and so on would have either passed away or renounced their right to the monarchy. Abdication has only happened once in history. And when George becomes a father, his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will all be ahead of Charlotte in the line of succession.

5. Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex: second child of Charles and Diana. Although he and his wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, stepped down from their royal duties in 2020 and moved to the United States, Harry remains in the line of succession.

What Happens When The Queen Dies? Operation London Bridge

8. Prince Andrew, Duke of York: third child of Queen Elizabeth II. He takes this position ahead of his older sister, Princess Anne, who was born before the line of succession to the crown in 2013.

14. James, Viscount Severn: second child of Prince Edward. Because his older sister was born before the Inheritance Act of 2013, he gets that share.

FILE – In this Saturday, June 17, 2017 file photo, members of Britain’s royal family, from left, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Charles, Princess Eugenie, Queen Elizabeth II, Timothy Lawrence, Princess Beatrix, Prince Philip, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Charlotte, Prince George and Prince William watch a fly as they appear on the balcony of Buckingham Palace after attending the annual Trooping the Color ceremony in London. (AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth, File) Queen Elizabeth died Thursday at the age of 96, ending a 70-year reign as monarch. She was the longest-lived monarch in the world.

How Did Queen Die

It is a sad moment, but one that the Crown has been preparing for since the 1960s. The plan for what to do after Elizabeth’s death is called Operation London Bridge, and the steps to be taken now that the Queen is dead are strictly controlled. Here’s what to expect:

Queen Elizabeth Ii Dies At 96; Was Britain’s Longest Reigning Monarch

It starts with a phone call. At the time of the Queen’s death, Sir Edward Young, her private secretary, telephoned the Prime Minister and said “London Bridge has fallen”. It was only on Tuesday that Elizabeth met and appointed the newly appointed British Prime Minister Liz Truss after the resignation of Boris Johnson, who said goodbye to the Queen earlier in the day.

After the Prime Minister was notified, news was released to the 15 governments where the Queen remained head of state, including Jamaica, New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Canada and the Bahamas. After that, officials from the other 38 Commonwealth nations were notified of the news.

On the BBC, there is an alert that signals national emergencies. Many who work there had no idea what it sounded like, but it went out when the Queen died. At that time, the BBC logo, which is usually red, changed to black. And all the anchors turned into black suits and ties.

Flags were flown at half-mast and Prince Charles unofficially became king soon after Elizabeth’s death. He is expected to make his first speech as head of state in the afternoon, although it has not been officially announced.

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On Friday, the flags will be raised again at 11:00. local time, Charles will officially become King and Camilla will become Queen of Great Britain.

He will then tour the UK, stopping in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales to attend services. While this is being done, Westminster Hall will be prepared for Elizabeth’s funeral.

Four days after Elizabeth’s death, there will be a procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall. Elizabeth will lie in state for four days and be buried nine days after her death.

How Did Queen Die

Two thousand invitees, mainly heads of state, will participate in person. The funeral will be broadcast worldwide.

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Elizabeth is then expected to be buried next to her late husband, Prince Philip, and her father, King George VI.

For example, because Elizabeth died at Balmoral, her body will first lie in state at Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh, before being moved up the Royal Mile to St. Mary’s Cathedral. Giles.

It will then be put into the Royal to return to London. The BBC will also cancel all comedy shows for 12 days after her death.

And of course the words to the national anthem have now been changed to “God save the king”. Queen Elizabeth II died at Balmoral this afternoon, ending the longest reign of any monarch in British history.

Queen Elizabeth Ii Dies At 96 After 70 Years On The Throne

In a statement, Buckingham Palace said: “The Queen passed away peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon. The King and Queen Consort will remain at Balmoral this afternoon and return to London tomorrow.”

Pope Francis offered his condolences to King Charles, the royal family and the people of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, saying he joined all mourners “in praying for the late Queen’s eternal repose and paying tribute to her life of unceasing service to the good of the nation and the Commonwealth, her example of devotion to duty, her steadfast testimony of faith in Jesus Christ, and her unswerving hope in his promises.’

“I assure Your Majesty of my prayers that Almighty God will support you with his unfailing grace as you now assume your high responsibility as king. To you and all who cherish the memory of your late mother, I invoke abundant divine blessings as a pledge of comfort and strength to the Lord.”

How Did Queen Die

Cardinal Nicholls said: “On April 21, 1947, on her 21st birthday, Princess Elizabeth said: “I declare to you all that my whole life, long or short, will be devoted to your service.

Operation London Bridge: Plan For After Queen Elizabeth Ii’s Death

“Now, seventy-five years later, we are devastated by our loss in her death, and so full of admiration for the flawless manner in which she fulfilled that declaration.

“Even in my grief, which I share with so many around the world, I am filled with a tremendous sense of gratitude for the gift to the world that was the life of Queen Elizabeth II.

“At this time we pray for the repose of His Majesty’s soul. We do it with confidence, because the Christian faith characterized every day in her life and actions.

“In her Millennium Message, she said: “For many of us, our faith is of fundamental importance. For me, the teachings of Christ and my personal responsibility to God provide a framework within which I try to live my life. I, like many of you, have drawn great comfort in difficult times from the words and example of Christ.”

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“That belief, so often and so eloquently preached in her public message, has been an inspiration to me, and I’m sure to many. The wisdom, steadfastness and service she consistently embodied, often in the face of extreme hardship, is a shining legacy and testament to

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