How ı Met Your Mother Izle

How ı Met Your Mother Izle – Ted meets an elderly woman at Farhampton station and tells her about the crazy events leading up to Barney and Robin’s wedding. Ted’s story starts with Robin and Barney saying they can’t go through with it and then they go back to the news of Quinn and Barney’s engagement. During this “celebration,” Quinn asks Robin and Lily to be her bridesmaids, causing Robin to wonder if Barney has told her about their past relationship. He asks Barney, who explains to him, Marshall, and Lily that he erased all evidence of their relationship. Marshall and Lily are exhausted and disappointed about being parents for the first time, which causes Robin and Barney to accidentally reveal their past relationship with Quinn. As this happens, Ted discovers that Victoria hasn’t given Klaus notice about her vacation and encourages him to go back and tell her. They write him a note and try to find a way to get it to Ted. While sneaking into the church, Ted learns that Klaus was also planning to leave Victoria. He later meets her at Farhampton station, where Klaus gives a heartfelt speech about why Victoria isn’t right for him.

After the surprise ending of Season 7, at least some answers can be expected in the Season 8 premiere.

How ı Met Your Mother Izle

How ı Met Your Mother Izle

. Instead, as if waiting all summer for the Season 8 premiere wasn’t bad enough, viewers had a lot to look forward to.

How I Met Your Mother Izle

It is clear that the producers are exaggerating the news so far so that the show can stay on air for a long time. But this method is very annoying, especially for viewers who want answers. This episode adds more questions about how things will go for this group in the future. I’m starting to think there will be some unanswered questions at the end

(remove the detergent). We get it, the woman has a big yellow umbrella, can we go ahead and find out who she is?

Despite the frustrating unanswered questions, the episode had some good moments. Lily and Marshall’s crazy behavior was cute and funny. Some of the best scenes were seeing their watery eyes when someone tried to talk to them. Marshall and Lily were the comic relief in this episode, without them it would have been dry and boring. But that was not the case with most of the earlier episodes

Another highlight for me was Klaus’ explanation to Ted about why Victoria wasn’t right for him. It was one of those happy times when German expressions made you laugh but made you cry. I love how they tied it in with Robin finding Barney’s evidence box and realizing his true feelings for her. Both scenes were really fun and it was nice to see the signs of the different storylines going on. Let’s hope it gets faster from here.

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This episode wasn’t the best or funniest I’ve ever seen, but I enjoyed it. I hope to see more from the rest of the season and answer some of my questions. I’m curious to see how it all comes together.

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