How Many Days Off When The Queen Dies

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Buckingham Palace said in a statement: “The Queen died peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon. The King and his wife will remain at Balmoral this evening and return to London tomorrow.”

How Many Days Off When The Queen Dies

How Many Days Off When The Queen Dies

The Day the Queen Dies follows a series of carefully crafted plans that have been in place since 1960 in a process known as “Operation London Bridge”.

Elizabeth Ii: A French Student Receives A Letter From The Queen After Her Death

Last year, a report shed light on the details of how the protocol would work in the hours and days after a monarch’s death.

Preparations for dealing with the death of a head of state, especially when it comes to informing important public figures and the public, must be carefully planned in advance.

A series of documents obtained by POLITICO last year detail the security plan in its entirety, from how news of the monarch’s death will be communicated to the public to how soon Prince Charles will ascend to the throne.

It also details what will happen in the 10 days after the Queen’s death, including where her coffin will go, how the Prime Minister will speak publicly about the news and how Prince Charles will spend his first days as King.

Could The British Monarchy “go Over A Cliff” After The Queen Dies?

The day the Queen dies is called D-Day, and each subsequent day is called D+1 and D+2 and so on.

The report claims there will be a “cascading series of calls” in the hours after the monarch’s death to inform the prime minister, the cabinet secretary and several senior ministers and government officials.

The Prime Minister will be told by the Queen’s Private Secretary and the Privy Council Office.

How Many Days Off When The Queen Dies

The ministry’s permanent secretary will also receive a script to inform other government ministers, which will read: “We have just been informed of the death of Her Majesty the Queen.” Ministers will also be told that “discretion is required”.

The Death Of Queen Victoria

The Cabinet Secretary will send an email to senior officials. On receipt of this email, flags across Whitehall will be flown at half-mast.

Pilots will also notify passengers on flights if news is announced mid-air.

But these days it is common for major messages to reach the world media immediately through a news agency such as

Some broadcasters hold rehearsals to practice announcing the Queen’s death to ensure they are ready.

Operation London Bridge: Plan For After Queen Elizabeth Ii’s Death

If the Queen’s death is to be expected – if she has been seriously ill – the news will break through the main TV channels first and all BBC channels will be interrupted for the broadcast.

Equally important is how broadcasters deliver the news, and smaller details such as their clothing come under public scrutiny.

Received 109,741 complaints about its coverage of the death of the Duke of Edinburgh, who died aged 99, making it the most complained about program in the organisation’s history.

How Many Days Off When The Queen Dies

“We understand that some viewers were unhappy with the level of coverage and the impact it had on pay TV and radio programming,” the BBC said in a statement.

Queen Elizabeth Dead At 96, Reigned Longer Than Any British Monarch

“We do not make such changes without careful consideration and the decisions taken reflect the role the BBC plays as the national broadcaster at moments of national importance.

It was not the first time the BBC had been criticized for its coverage of a royal death. In 2002, BBC presenter Peter Sissons was heavily criticized by the public for wearing a red tie when announcing the death of the Queen Mother in 2002 – black ties are now routinely kept on hand by all major UK broadcasters for future royal obituaries.

The Prime Minister will then make a statement; no other member of the British government will be allowed to make any statements until that time.

MPs will pay their respects to the Queen in the Lower House of Parliament the day after the Queen’s death. The work of the Riksdag will be suspended for 10 days.

London Bridge Is Down’: The Secret Plan For The Days After The Queen’s Death

Later in the day, the publication adds, there will be a “spontaneous” memorial service at St Paul’s Cathedral in London, attended by the prime minister and some senior ministers.

The day after the Queen’s death, known as D+1 Day, the Council of Accessions will meet at St James’s Palace to declare Prince Charles as the new sovereign.

It will be attended by hundreds of people, including the Prime Minister and senior government ministers, all of whom will be required to wear morning or lounge suits with black or dark ties.

How Many Days Off When The Queen Dies

At 3:30 p.m., the documents say, the cabinet and prime minister will have an audience with King Charles.

Queen Elizabeth Ii Dies

He will then embark on a tour of Great Britain, the first duty of which is to visit the Scottish Parliament. He will travel to Northern Ireland the next day to receive a second condolence message at Hillsborough Castle.

This depends on where the monarch dies. If Her Majesty dies at her Norfolk residence, Sandringham, the documents say her body will be taken by royal train to St Pancras station in London, where it will be taken to Buckingham Palace.

If she dies in Balmoral, Scotland, her body will be flown to London by royal train as part of the operation, dubbed “Unicorn” in the documents.

On D-Day+4 there will be a rehearsal for the coffin procession from Buckingham Palace to the Palace of Westminster.

The Queen Has Died

The procession itself will take place on D-Day+5 and will be followed by a service at Westminster Hall.

The Queen will then lie in the Palace of Westminster for three days, known as Operation Pero.

The Royal Family will announce plans for the funeral, which is likely to take place 10 days after the Queen’s death.

How Many Days Off When The Queen Dies

The funeral will take place in Westminster Abbey, and a two-minute silence will be held at noon on the day.

Queen Elizabeth Dies At Age 96

There will be processions in London and Windsor, and a commemoration will be held in St George’s Chapel.

According to newspaper reports, the social media outlets of all government departments will hang black banners and change their profile pictures to the coats of arms of their departments following the Queen’s death.

Content that we deem unnecessary will not be published. Additionally, retweets will be prohibited unless approved by the Director of Communications of the Central Government.

The Royal Family’s website will be updated with a black landing page with a short statement confirming the monarch’s death. Similarly, a government website will have a black banner at the top.

Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee: Seven Decades In Photos

The London Stock Exchange will be closed on the day of the funeral, as will most British banks.

Some fear that such measures will cost the British economy billions of pounds – but it is difficult to know in advance what the economic consequences will be.

While the Queen is known as “London Bridge”, other members of the royal family are also given code names to use for plans when they die.

How Many Days Off When The Queen Dies

Code names for royal deaths were originally introduced to prevent news of the death of a member of the royal family leaking to the public before an official announcement. Using a code, Buckingham Palace prevented switchboard operators from accessing the news before it was made public.

The Queen Sends Special Message To Gareth Southgate Ahead Of Euros Finals

The Queen Mother’s arrangement – codenamed Tay Bridge – was 22 years old when she died aged 101.

While there are no official code names for the other dead royals, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been reported to be known as “Danny Collins” and “Daphne Clark”. The initials DC stand for their titles Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

And while they were technically no longer royals, the Sussex couple were reportedly known by the codenames ‘David Stevens’ and ‘Davina Scott’.

In addition to Prince Charles becoming King Charles, other members of the royal family may choose to change their names in the event of the Queen’s death.

Queen Elizabeth Has Covid 19: Latest Updates

In addition, Prince Charles will have the option to change his name when he ascends the throne, as the royal family can choose any name. This means he could be known as King Arthur, Philip or George.

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How Many Days Off When The Queen Dies

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What Is Operation London Bridge? The Plan For When The Queen Dies

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