How Sublimate Dull Hair Care For Dry

How Sublimate Dull Hair Care For Dry – Dry hair is the source of many hair problems, damaged hair, split ends, difficult to brush… but how to take care of rough hair? Should dry hair be moisturized or nourished? Here are our tips for restoring healthy hair!

Hair is dry because it does not produce enough oil, this type of hair is porous and in most cases is hereditary. But dry hair can also be caused by external factors like wind, sun and even pollution! This hair is especially fragile and hypersensitive. They need special attention, otherwise they can become brittle and irreparable!

How Sublimate Dull Hair Care For Dry

How Sublimate Dull Hair Care For Dry

Dry hair needs more maintenance than other hair types, it needs to be moisturized to avoid dull and rough hair, but it also needs to be nourished to fight against split ends. In addition, certain daily gestures should be avoided in order not to over-sensitize the capillary fiber.

What’s Hair Serum Useful For?

It is most important for the hair to choose a shampoo with a natural composition that provides the hair with all the active ingredients it needs. Indeed, industrial shampoos, especially those containing sulfates, dry the hair and suffocate the capillary fibers, depriving the hair of moisture and nutrition. We choose a gentle shampoo with hydrating actives, like Cut By Fred Hydrating Liquid Shampoo, which restores shine and lightness, or a nourishing shampoo, like John Masters Organics Citrus & Geranium Nourishing Daily Shampoo, which strengthens and softens hair.

When hair is dehydrated, it shows signs of dryness such as lack of vitality, rough texture and brittle lengths. That’s why it’s important to choose products based on ultra-moisturizing ingredients!

Rahua Hydrating Conditioner is formulated with Aloe Vera Extract and Quinoa, two ingredients that detangle hair and restore softness, shine and elasticity. Hair is strengthened, protected from external aggression and healthy!

Made with Aloe Vera, an ingredient that contains 98% water, Cut By Fred Vegan Hydration Hair Mask deeply hydrates dry hair without weighing it down, for instantly shiny, silky hair!

Alfaparf Milano Semi Di Lino Sublime Cellula Madre Beauty Genesis 12x13ml

Rahua Aloe Vera hair gel revives and shines the hair. Its ultra-moisturizing formula calms lengths and limits breakage. The hair is styled without a greasy or cardboard effect.

Dry hair needs nourishment and moisture, one cannot exist without the other. When the length is dry, the scalp is also dry, which destabilizes the entire hair fiber. That is why it is necessary to use products with rich and fatty ingredients to deeply nourish and restore hair fibers.

Feed Madara Restorative Hair Mask with vegetable oils nourishes and protects dry hair. Hair is strengthened, silky and elastic!

How Sublimate Dull Hair Care For Dry

Rahua hair conditioner for dry hair revitalizes and restores hair fibers thanks to the Rahua and Ungurahua oil complex. Hair gets stronger from the inside and regains all its shine.

Kerastase Elixir Ultime Le Bain, 80ml + Le Masque, 75ml

Oil bath is the best way to deeply nourish dry hair. In fact, the benefits of oils will help strengthen the hair fiber from within to prevent brittle hair. Hair regains softness and shine. To follow up with an oil bath, simply apply one or more oils to unwashed lengths and leave for a few hours, or even overnight if possible! Then shampoo to remove oil residue.

To choose the right oils for dry hair, we prefer vegetable oils, which have much more properties than mineral oils. We choose pure quality oils (first pressing) because the quality of the oil restores and nourishes dry hair. As for the choice of oils, we prefer ultra-nourishing oils such as argan, coconut and olive oil, if the latter are of good quality.

You can also opt for ready-made oil treatments, such as On The Wild Side Hair Care Oil, which will nourish and restore your hair’s shine and softness. Or Mon Huilette Hair Serum, which can be used as an oil bath or as a finishing oil, for strengthened and revitalized hair.

If we have healthy hair, it goes through the interior and the hygiene of life, that’s why we diversify our diet as much as possible so that we don’t miss anything. If the body lacks vitamins, the hair becomes weak. We prefer ingredients rich in vitamin A, which can be found in colorful foods such as melons, carrots or tomatoes. Or in vitamin B5 found in mushrooms, salmon, eggs, turkey or even organs!

Chemical Peeling, A Unique Renewing Treatment! Beauty Blog

To give our bodies a little boost, we can turn to dietary supplements as we wish… Mermaid Hair Atelier Nubio, which strengthens and tones hair for more vibrancy and shine!

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