How to Calibrate GPS On Android

Calibrate GPS

How to calibrate GPS – GPS is a function that allows satellites to pick up and know the position of mobile phones, both at rest and in motion.

The technology is already highly developed today. Using GPS can be very helpful.
Thanks to it, we can search for a place, find lost mobile phones, and use it as a navigation system while traveling.

GPS accuracy issue

The position displayed on the GPS has indeed been adjusted. However, sometimes the position changes to be somewhat off, which makes it less accurate.
Solve the problem of GPS inaccuracy, and there are several ways to go about it. This is because the cause can also be at the system or HP component level.
Well, in this article, I also want to talk a little about it to improve GPS accuracy, particularly by calibrating it.

Causes of Android GPS Inaccuracy

Here are some of the factors that cause GPS to be inaccurate:

  • HP GPS settings are not correct.
  • The Internet connection is experiencing interference.
  • The effect of the system root. The root can make GPS accuracy unstable.
  • The ROM (HP system) has an error (bug). It often happens on rooted cell phones.
  • HP components are damaged.

How to Calibrate GPS to Improve Location and Position Accuracy of Android Phones

Calibration is one of many ways to improve GPS accuracy.
For the calibration method, here I offer three methods. Thanks to Google Maps, by reactivating the GPS and using airplane mode.

1. How to Calibrate Android GPS via Google Maps

Google Maps is a map application by Google which allows smartphone users to know the location and places around them.
Many people use Google Maps as their navigation app while on the go.
The user’s location on Google Maps will be automatically detected when GPS is enabled. Here you can also calibrate to improve the accuracy of location detection.

How to do it :

  • Open the Google Maps app. Tap Allow location if available.
  • Wait for your current location to be detected by Google Maps.
  • Tap the blue dot on the map.
  • Tap the Calibrate Compass option.
  • Follow the calibration instructions that appear.
  • Tracking your mobile phone location is now improved.
  • Once the calibration process is complete, it is recommended to update Google Maps if available.

How to do it :

  • Open the Google Playstore app.
  • Search Google Maps.
  • Tap Update if available.


The update function here aims to fix any bugs.
Several major tech sites recommend this method if you’re looking to improve your cell phone’s GPS accuracy.

2. Turn GPS off and on again

Turning off the GPS automatically disconnects your mobile phone. If your location is inaccurate, this method can be used as one of the possible calibration methods.
The method itself is not complicated. However, some Android phones have different GPS settings.

For example, the following:

  • First, please open Android phone settings.
  • Then, you will find a search box at the top of the page.
  • Type “location” and open it.
  • After that, could you open it and enable GPS.

If so, check the maps app you usually use. In addition to the above method, you can also use the high precision detection function as follows:

  • Open Android phone settings.
  • Search for “location” in the search field.
  • Along with the option to enable GPS, there is also a high-level accuracy option.
  • Please activate it.


To be complete, I have also created an article on this site with a much more complete discussion (+ supporting images).
You can read it in How to Enable GPS for Android Phones.

3. Disable and Enable Airplane Mode

Airplane mode. If this mode is activated, it automatically cuts the Internet connection.
In this way, we can also use it indirectly to recalibrate the position of our HP, which the GPS detects in the maps application.

The method itself is not complicated. Open the menu at the top of the HP (status bar panel) and tap on the aircraft logo.
After that, wait until the internet connection is disconnected for a few seconds. If so, please disable it again.

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