How To Check Stc Balance

How To Check Stc Balance – Probably Saudi Telecom Company – STC is the leading telecom company in Saudi Arabia with a wide reach. I’ve been using it since I came here in early 2010. No matter where I travel, it never fails me. In fact, it is not limited to Saudi Arabia, but also straddles the borders of the MENA region.

While it’s a bit more expensive than other competitors like Zain, Mobily, etc., it’s worth traversing KSA frequently due to coverage issues with other carriers. I also sometimes use Zain and Mobily for internet services because I can be cheap.

How To Check Stc Balance

How To Check Stc Balance

This article lists the various services offered by Saudi Telecom and how to use the balance check for calls and remaining internet data.

How To Transfer Credit From Stc To Stc

Note: You can use Calling Sim and Data Sim separately. You can use one SIM card for data and calls from one SIM card slot on your iPhone, like most iPhone users do.

This is the easiest. Just dial *166# from your mobile phone. See the clip below. You will immediately receive a text message with the balance and expiry date of your SIM card. You can also view STC offers by following the instructions there.

For this method, you need to have internet data enabled on your phone. All the STC apps you need to download are available for Android and iOS users and follow the excerpted instructions below.

If you don’t have an account, don’t worry. As I’ve highlighted below, you have direct access.

If You Want To Cancel A Subscription From Apple

If the above checks do not work, you can call the STC Helpline on 900 for internet data or 1500 for balance for any enquiry. You can speak Arabic, English or any other available language there.

This is how you can check the remaining data balance in STC via SMS, MY STC app. If you return home outside of Saudi Arabia, you can find out. Additional roaming charges may apply. These methods also apply to SAWA Prepaid and Postpaid. Please ping me in the comments if you have any questions.

The validity of Iqama is one of the main issues for expats living in Saudi Arabia. The expiry date of the Iqama is also mandatory…

How To Check Stc Balance

EID – Emirates ID is called برقة الهوية in Arabic. It is the most important document in the UAE, like the Ikama in Saudi Arabia.

Stc Pay Discount Code (yv8zuw) Stc Pay 2022 » All Coupons

Like other countries, Qatar also issues ID cards to its residents. This is called Iqama in Qatar, just like in Saudi Arabia.

Kuwait is about 70% expatriate, making it unique among all other countries in the MENA region.

Every expat living in the Sultanate of Oman should have a Batak or National ID Card, also known as the Omani Ikama.

The heaviest fine is rafting, with a fine of SAR 20,000 for the first violation, SAR 40,000 for the second violation, and SAR 60,000 for the third violation. Is your STC Sawa balance automatically deducted when you top up? It happens again and again, even when you charge it. Have you tried calling the customer service hotline 902 but the problem is still not resolved? We’ve seen some of our friends face this problem too, so we’re here to present a solution. Related Article: STC Sawa Prepaid Card

Few Of The Ways To Recharge Include

Your STC Sawa balance will be debited from your account because your number is subscribed to several STC services and I understand that you have not subscribed to any services. Also read: Mobile service codes

Sometimes when you activate some STC offer, you don’t know if it’s a daily offer or a one-day offer. You just activated it. In any case, follow the procedure below to get rid of the unknown balance deduction. Related article: Zain service codes available in Saudi Arabia

1. Send a blank text message to 800444 and 800828. If your phone doesn’t allow blank text messages, you can use a space and send to 800444 and 800828. You might also like: Friendi Mobile Service Codes

How To Check Stc Balance

2. After successfully sending the message, you must wait for a reply from these numbers. Sometimes you get a response within a minute, sometimes it takes a day. Nearby article: Virgin Mobile service codes in Saudi Arabia

Balance Transfer From Stc Sawa(saudi Arabia) To International Number

3. After receiving the message, you can see all the services you have registered. You must unsubscribe from all of these services by replying to the “U Space Unsubscribe Code” message. You must unsubscribe one by one until the “Not subscribed to any channels in this service” message appears. Recommended: Saudi Arabia SIM card must be fingerprinted

If you do not see any subscriptions for these numbers, you will need to call the customer service line 902 or visit the nearest STC branch, you can also use the chat service through the MySTC online portal. See also this article: Toll-free numbers to call in KSAS, you just got an STC SIM with the perfect package for all your needs. How many days are left? Well, don’t worry, because this article applies to you? We will explain how to check the outstanding balance on STC SIM.

1) – To check your SAWA balance, dial “* 166 #” from your mobile phone. The STC system will check your account and the SAWA balance will appear on the screen as a pop-up text message.

2) – Again, if you want to see the rest of your STC internet data, you should dial “*888*5#” from your mobile phone. The STC system will check your account, and the remaining STC network data will appear on your phone screen in the form of a pop-up text message.

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The second easiest way to check your balance is via text message, but it takes a minute or two.

1) – To check your balance, text “166” to “900” and after a few minutes you will receive a text message with all the details of your balance.

2) – If you want to check the rest of your Sava Internet data, you should send “2220” or “Balance” to “900”.

How To Check Stc Balance

You also have the option to check your balance by calling the STC Helpline. So dial “900” on your mobile and a customer representative will answer your call. You may request the remaining credit limit from the representative in Arabic, English or other preferred language available.

Easy Way How To Check Balance In Zain Kuwait 2022

If none of the above methods work for you, the mySTC app is here to protect you. With the mySTC app, you can not only view balances and statistics, but also do the following:

After downloading the mySTC app to your phone, you will need to log in to your registered account or create a new account, then verify your number and use all the features the app has to offer.

Thousands of Saudi Arabian expats use STC’s services and benefit from STC’s various online services. STC balance transfers are very helpful for these people. Most foreigners use it to transfer balances between STC to STC, STC to India, STC to India or STC to Pakistan. They are also interested in information about the STC balance check method for this process. We will explain all the methods in a simple way in this blog post.

STC offers its customers a balance transfer from a prepaid number to any other prepaid number. However, you may use this service in two ways, subject to certain terms and conditions.

How To Transfer Balance From Stc To Stc

Type this message *133*recipient number* and send this message to 1500 via SMS. The recipient must also be able to send SMS (*133*Recipient ID number) to 1500.

This way, it is impossible for the recipient to forward any text messages, only the sender does. The message appears as follows:

STC customers can also transfer their STC balance using an international number. We include many countries in this list. However, we will provide methods for “STC Balance Transfer to Pakistan” and “STC Balance Transfer to India”. Both countries are eligible to use the service. Users can access an overview of eligible countries by sending an SMS with the subject “country” to 801500.

How To Check Stc Balance

Service charges for this service may vary by country. You can verify this by sending your country name to 801500, i.e. “Pakistan” to 801500.

How To Check Zain Balance In Saudi Arabia?

To transfer your STC account balance to Pakistan, you need to text 801500. Example SMS text is:

The process for sending an SMS is the same as for transferring the remaining STC balance in Pakistan to India. Use these reference codes for India.

Referral code 3 is used to transfer 300 INR to India. The total deduction is SR 30.

You must be a prepaid customer and have substantial funds in your account. STC account.

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We have urdu videos on STC Balance Transfer and STC Balance Transfer and STC Balance Check. You can view and learn more

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