How to Easily Create Tables in Canva


Canva is one of the platforms that is often used to create a variety of exciting designs.
One of the unique features of Canva that is rarely known is that this platform allows us to create tables.
I will talk about this feature for those curious about it here. How to create a table in Canva.

How to Create a Table in Canva

The results of the table created in Canva can be adjusted later for use as needed. For example, for presentations based on a design.
In addition, the table we create can also be embellished.
Because Canva offers quite comprehensive features, starting with the function of size between cells, the ability to quickly design table colors, smart guides, and others.
So here’s how to create a table in Canva:

1. Create a worksheet

Create a design option in Canva
First, please open the Canva site. After entering the Canva page, you can immediately click the Create Design button at the top.
You can then set the width and height of the spreadsheet to be created. If so, click Create New Design.
If you want to use a template, you can do that too. You can search for the desired model according to your needs.

2. Choose a board from Canva

Then you will be taken to the Canva working page. Here you can add a table directly to the spreadsheet.
Here’s how to add a table in Canva:

1. Click on the Elements tab in the left menu.
2. Find the Table section and click Show All.
3. Choose the table design as you like.

If you want to change the color of the table, you can too. You need to click on the cell and the color option at the top. You can choose from several colors.

3. Editing the table

Once the table appears in the spreadsheet, you must edit it by adding a row or column cells, adjusting the size, and creating text as needed.

Here are the steps:

1. Move the cursor to a row cell and press the add icon to add a row. Set the number of rows as needed.
Add a table row in Canva.
2. Move the cursor to the column cell and press the add icon to add a column. Also, set the number of columns according to your needs.
Add table columns in Canva.
3. Next, feel free to set the table size as you wish.
Define the size of the created table
4. Tap the Text tab, and select Add Title. Then add text to the table if necessary.

Step number 4 above is optional. I also made the table here to design the class schedule model. If you don’t want to add any text, that’s also possible.

4. Save the table result

When you’re done, you can immediately save the results of the created table to Canva. Click the Download button at the top of the page.
Then select the file type and click the Download button again to be able to save it.


This guide to creating tables in Canva is beginner-friendly because the process is quick and probably not complicated.
Additionally, many other features can be used to make the table attractive.
This Canva board feature is also available in the HP app. However, I recommend doing the chart through the site for maximum results because it’s relatively more straightforward.
If you want to ask something, write and send a comment below.
I hope you will find it helpful.

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