How To Share Data On Glo

How To Share Data On Glo – Due to the requests I have received recently, I decided to make a summary post on how to share your data on Glo, Airtel, 9mobile and MTN.

Recently, MTN has re-added the data donation feature to its data service catalog. This means that all MTN subscribers can now share data with their friends, family or loved ones.

How To Share Data On Glo

How To Share Data On Glo

In this post, I will list all the codes to transfer or share data on Glo, Airtel, 9mobile and MTN. I will be very quick and direct.

Share Your Glo Data Free Day Experience (photos)

We all know that Glo is currently the big master of data and most people cannot exhaust their data pack before it expires. So here’s how to share your Glo data with your friend or family.

Sharing data with your friend is very easy using Airtel Smart Share services. You can transfer data in megabytes or gigabytes using simple USSD codes.

The Airtel Smart-Share service consists of a bundle of offers that allow multiple subscribers to use internet data bundles in one of the following ways:

> Dial *141# > Select 5 for Data Gifting and Sharing > Select Data Gifting or Data Me2U to continue.

How To Transfer Data On Glo 2022 [latest Updated]

MTN Nigeria has stopped data donation for reasons best known to them. Since then, only MTN SME users have the privilege to share data from their data wallet with their customers or friends.

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About Entclass blog is a leading technology blog providing free and cheap Mtn, 9mobile, Glo and Airtel browsing cheats, tuning guides and technology news. Want to learn how to share or remove numbers from Glo data sharing? In this guide we will show you how to do it. You will also learn how to search for common numbers. That is, know the numbers you currently share your Glo data with.

How To Share Data On Glo

At some point you may change your mind about data sharing and want to remove the numbers you previously added.

How To Share Data On Glo In Nigeria (data Transfer Code) 2022

Also, if you’re the type that your friends are always playing a quick game of adding their numbers to your list of friends you share a data plan with, then you should make sure you always check up on them. Make and remove them, so that they burn your subscription and you will not be able to access the Internet when you need to do something very important or necessary.

Within seconds Glo will send you a message containing all the numbers that share your data subscription. Glo will also notify you if no one is currently sharing your subscription

To remove a number from the list of numbers you currently share your Glo data with, dial *127*02*[Friend Number # or send “[Remove Friend Number]” to 127.

For example, if the friend’s number you want to remove from your Glo data sharing list is 08051234567, dial *127*02*08051234567 or send “Remove 08051234567” to 127 (without the quote).

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If your network is fine, within a few seconds the number will be unlisted and your data subscription will be blocked from sharing.

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Is an independent news website that publishes factual and unbiased reports on entertainment, music, fashion, all things Nigeria and more. While it may seem like a stretch, the process of how to cancel data on Glo is as simple as knowing the codes you need. Basically, the basic code to access, share and remove data with Glo is *127*XX#. However, the exact XX numbers are determined by the exact function you perform. In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of how to share data on Glo. You can check out our posts on how to share data on Glo, how to borrow airtime from Glo and how to transfer airtime to Glo.

How To Share Data On Glo

In fact, there may come a time when you decide to prevent certain people from taking advantage of your data. Many of us have friends around who want to add their hidden numbers to your shared data plan, and when that happens, you need to remove them. Plus, having too many numbers on your shared data plan means you’ll run out of data faster, and possibly when you need it most. Check the Glo NIN registration process.

How To Unshare/remove Family & Friends From Glo Data Bundle

First, before you know which number to cancel, you need to check if they are actually sharing your data. This means you need access to every number that shares your data. So, to do this, follow the procedure below:

After doing any of these, Glow will respond with a message within a few minutes. Basically, this message should contain all the current numbers that are sharing your data subscription. Also, Glo will notify you if no one is sharing your data. You can check out our posts on How to borrow airtime from Airtel and How to borrow data from Airtel.

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Practically, you can dial *127*02*0805XXXXXX# or go to your messages section and type “0805XXXXXXX remove” to 127. However, keep in mind that you don’t have to include quotes in the message, as they stand alone. is used here for illustrative purposes.

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After sending the message, Glow should respond with a message that the number has been removed from your data subscription and will no longer be accessible. In fact, sharing your data with a specific number is that simple. See how to borrow airtime from MTN.

You can share your Glo data from any number using the above steps. However, note that if you don’t get a response from Glo, your network is probably bad. So wait patiently for a while and then try again. Check out the posts on how to borrow airtime from 9mobile and how to borrow data from 9mobile. Hello friends! Looking for how to transfer data to GLO? If so, then this site is definitely for you! Stay with me while I break this down for you! I’ve got you covered!

Many people are searching the internet; How to share data in GLO, How to transfer data to GLO in Nigeria, How to transfer data to GLO 2022, Codes to transfer data to GLO, Data to GLO using USSD code and SMS How to transfer, share data on the GLO GLO mobile app and more. If you are among those who are looking for this, I am happy to tell you that you do not need to look anywhere else because I will give you everything you need to share data in GLO. You should know about

How To Share Data On Glo

When it comes to sharing or transferring data from GLO to another GLO number, it comes in two ways;

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In this method, you need to add the number you want to share the data with, before the person can use your data to browse! You can add or remove numbers, but the maximum number you can add is five.

Method 1: To add a number, simply dial *127*01*Recipient Number # or send “Share Recipient Number” to 127. Remember not to quote when sending a message.

To unassign a number from the list of numbers you’ve added to a shared data plan; Follow these steps;

I believe that with this article I am able to explain to you in a simple way how to transfer data to GLO.

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His name is Tiamiyu Abdulbajit Olawale. He is a student studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Ilorin. He likes to give the latest updates about Nigeria and international organizations as his goal is to help people get the right information. Looking for an up-to-date and easy-to-follow guide to data transfer? On Glo? You are not alone, as there are millions of telecom network customers who want to learn the same thing.

You can share your data plan with friends, family and loved ones. With Glo data transfer, instead of buying four different data plans, you can buy one data plan and share it with your wife and 2 kids.

How To Share Data On Glo

You can share your data plan with up to five people on the Glo network. Anyone you share with is notified by sms with instant internet access. There are three ways to transfer Glo data.

How To Transfer Airtime And Share Data On Telcos In Nigeria

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