How to speed up the Indosat network

Indosat network

As we already know, the mobile network’s signal factor greatly affects the Internet’s speed and the quality of the connection used.
Therefore, many Internet users want to optimize their mobile network for better Internet access.
Well, for you Indosat Ooredoo users, you have come to the right place.
Here I would like to discuss a small tutorial on how to speed up your internet connection from this operator.

How to Increase Indosat Internet Speed

Indosat network internet speed is already relatively fast.
Back home, when I used Indosat, I could get speeds of 2MBps (20Mbps).
But that was a long time ago. Now? See for yourself :
Is 10MBps fast?
Yes, we can say that it is the equivalent of WiFi, even faster, with a good level of stability, between 9 and 10.5 MB per second.
With such high-quality Internet, saving a 2GB file takes only a few minutes. Eh eh.
Want to get such high internet speed from Indosat Ooredoo? Let’s see the tips below:

1. Set your Indosat network type to 4G

If you use a 3G Indosat network often, you may consider upgrading to 4G.
Of course, this is not without reason, as the 4G network has a significant speed difference.
Maybe not all places are covered by Indosat’s 4G network. However, you can try to set your mobile phone to be in the 4G position only.
Check the settings in Settings > Mobile network.
After changing the settings, check whether your mobile phone can pick up the 4G signal or not. If not, you can revert the settings.

2. Make sure you have a good signal

As I said above, the signal factor greatly affects the internet speed of the mobile network.
In my area, the 4G signal from Indosat is very good. So it’s no wonder that was using Indosat, I get fast and stable speeds.
To get a good signal, you can try to move to another place with better signal coverage.
Also, ensure you are not in a room blocked by many walls or buildings, as these places are usually more difficult to reach by signal.

3. Refresh your network

Many people don’t know that refreshing your network can speed up your internet connection. This includes Indosat network.
Refreshing will automatically change the IP of the device.
Then, after changing the IP, the connection will generally be more stable and faster than before.
How to refresh it:
It’s surprising, and simplymply disconnect and reconnect to the Internet.
You can also do this by turning airplane mode on for a few seconds and then turning it off again.

4. Change your Indosat APN

The APN functions as an access point, the parameters of which are different for each provider.
Setting the APN correctly is supposed to make the internet connection faster and more stable, especially in some places.
Well, for Indosat itself, there are several APN settings you can use.
If we discuss it here, it will be a long discussion.
So if you want Indosat internet settings fast, you can read the best stable Indosat APN, which can be applied on 3G and 4G networks.

5. Consider upgrading to a better device

Internet speed also depends on the type of device you are using.
Why? Because each device has different signal capture capabilities.
For instance :
Device A receives signal 3.
While device B receives signal 5.
Which is the best? Device B, of course.
The internet speed of 10MBps at the beginning, I got it by using a WiFi modem (MiFi), where this device has a relatively good signal capture quality.

Last word

Here are some tips from me on how to speed up your Indosat network Internet connection.
In conclusion, the speed and stability of the Internet that we get both depend on the type of device used, as well as the quality of the signal received.
In addition, we also need to make sure that the other parameters are set correctly so that the connection can work optimally.
If you have any other tips to speed up your Indosat Ooredoo connection, you can post them in the comments below.
I hope this will be useful.

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