How To Watch Movie Together Online

How To Watch Movie Together Online – Sharing TV and movies with friends is a wonderful experience, but it’s almost impossible to do it from a distance. That is, unless you use a tool to chat with your friends and keep videos on your computer in sync. Here are seven websites and extensions that can stream Netflix, YouTube or even local video files on computers.

These video sync tools have their own quirks and often allow you to do things like video chat. So, before we start looking at video sync tools, let’s take a moment to think about what will work best for you and your friends.

How To Watch Movie Together Online

How To Watch Movie Together Online

Now that you have an idea of ​​what you’re looking for, let’s dive in. Here are seven websites and extensions to enjoy shows and movies with friends far away.

Best Free Online Movie Streaming Sites 2022

Netflix Party is a great video sync tool that lets you quickly access Netflix parties with your friends. The Chrome-only browser extension ensures that everyone’s browser is in sync and users can chat while watching shows and movies together.

Note that everyone needs their own Netflix account to join a Netflix party. And while Netflix Party doesn’t have built-in voice or video chat features, it can be used with any video chat app.

Gaze is a simple video sync tool that works with YouTube videos and local video files. It allows voice or video chat and is relatively easy to set up. Create a Gaze account, send a link to your friend (who also needs a Gaze account) and start watching!

The fact is that Gaze only supports two viewers at a time. And to view local files in Gaze, both viewers must have the same video file on their computer. You can transfer a copy of your favorite movies or shows through a cloud storage service like Dropbox or through FTP and torrenting clients.

Best Free Apps For Streaming Movies In 2022

The video streaming tool Kast (formerly known as Rabbit) allows you to share videos with your friends and from your desktop in real time. It’s great software that can be used to watch movies together, surf the web together, host a simple video chat, or live stream your PC games for friends to watch. The cast also has a chat room and supports over 100 viewers per session.

Unlike the other tools on this list, Kast uploads your desktop for everyone to see. This means your friends don’t need their own streaming subscriptions or copies of their video files to watch shows with you. Unfortunately, this means that the video will be slightly out of sync on all devices.

Oh, your friends don’t want to download browser extensions or sign up for video sync accounts? Watch2Gether is a YouTube sharing website that allows you and your friends to access synchronized YouTube viewing sessions back and forth, no account required. Make a room and share the link with your friends. Anyone can choose to watch a video or contribute to a video playlist in the room.

How To Watch Movie Together Online

Watch2Gether has built-in text chat, but no video chat feature. Like the other items on this list, you can use it in conjunction with your favorite video chat program. Make sure everyone is wearing headphones if you’re watching music videos, otherwise you’ll end up with annoying audio tracks.

Watch Free Movies Online

If your group of friends likes to watch music videos together, is the video sync tool for you. Anyone can join, set up a room and start streaming their favorite YouTube music videos. also has public listening rooms to hang out with strangers and has customizable avatars and community features that are fun to mingle with. has built-in text chat, but no video chat feature. You can use it alongside your favorite video chat tools, but you’ll want to use headphones to avoid audio feedback.

If you and some tech-savvy friends want to watch local video files together, SyncPlay can be a solid alternative to Gaze or Kast. It is a lightweight video synchronization tool that allows you and your friends to synchronize media resources using MPV, VLC, MPC-HC or MPC-BE video clients. It has text chat and works for more than two users at the same time, as long as each user has a copy of the same video file.

SyncPlay is a wonderful and lightweight tool, but it may not be a convenient option for less capable computer users. Its chat function is quite basic and setting up the software requires some computer knowledge. However, it does its job and works with more than two users at the same time.

Netflix Party: This App Lets You Watch Movies And Tv Shows With Friends Remotely

Plex VR is a quirky piece of software that gives you and three friends a virtual movie theater. Connect to your Plex media server so you can watch the movies and shows you want. And while it’s difficult to set up, the Plex VR app is a lot of fun once it’s up and running.

Of course, Plex VR isn’t a viable option for most people. Everyone in your group of friends must have an Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR, or Daydream View headset (Daydream View is the cheapest option), and at least one person in your group must have their own Plex media server set up at home. .

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How To Watch Movie Together Online

So you want to watch movies online with friends or family, but you don’t know where to start.

Apps To Watch Videos With Online Friends

Before all the tools and apps, there was the old-school method for long-distance friends to watch movies together, usually involving Skype and their laptops.

Going old school, you and your friends are on a video or voice call and you have to count down and press play at the same time. Note that it can be difficult in larger groups, but works well for small groups of friends or couples.

We think it’s perfect for older laptops that can’t handle the technology of newer streaming programs.

Going old school allows friends to surf on different platforms. Which is a great option for international groups of friends who may have different streaming services in their home country.

Sites Where You Can Watch Movies For Free

Don’t know what to watch? Check out our popcorn-worthy long distance relationship movies for couples to watch together from a distance. 2. Caste

The service is free when viewing content from Tubi and YouTube. But a paid subscription is required to access Kast’s dedicated content. If the host has a subscription that has access to the content, they can play the content for other users.

For those of you who want to watch movies online together, you’ll want to take advantage of the screen sharing capabilities.

How To Watch Movie Together Online

Please note: Screen sharing is now part of Kast’s paid plan. There is a one-day free trial, but you must enter your card details to access.

How To Watch Netflix With Friends Online?

We love that everyone on the team can participate in the chat and streaming, no matter what device they’re using (desktop or phone). It’s also worth noting that groups of 20 or more can participate in a screen-sharing party, and groups of 100 can watch streaming content from Kast.

Rave is one of the only streaming platforms on the market that allows you and a group of friends to sync streaming services and watch together.

We love these options because not only is it free, but friends can “tune in” and watch content from the streaming service they’re not subscribed to. Only one user needs an active subscription.

Please note: Most popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Prime, Disney+ and others are supported.

Easy Ways To Watch Movies Together Online With Friends

Rave also offers other exclusive services such as Rave DJ. Users can mix music from their Spotify accounts to create new mixes to share with friends.

It’s worth noting that the Rave app requires users to sign in with Facebook or Gmail accounts, as well as share account information for streaming services. Developers are not clear about what happens to the data they collect in this process.

Want to add new songs to your Spotify account? Check out our post on the best long distance relationship songs (including lyrics) for your next playlist. 4. Telematch

How To Watch Movie Together Online

Teleparty, formerly Netflix Party, is one of the most popular video sync services because it’s easy to set up and free.

Use These Innovative Tools To Watch Movies Online Together With Your Friends During The Lockdown

The catch is that your friends have to subscribe to whatever streaming service you choose to watch. However, most people already have multiple streaming subscriptions, so finding one you have in common shouldn’t be a problem.

The best part? The chat box appears on the right side of the screen

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