We Go Shopping This Evening

We Go Shopping This Evening – Yvonne: Hi Betty. Want to hang out this Saturday? We haven’t done anything together for ages. You said last weekend that you wanted to buy new clothes. Let’s go shopping.

Betty: Yeah, good idea. We could catch a movie afterwards – if I have any money left! I need new jeans and a few tops. And some coaches. And a new backpack.

We Go Shopping This Evening

We Go Shopping This Evening

Yvonne: You haven’t been to the new center near where Kate lives yet, have you? It’s fantastic. Ten floors with good shops. It has all the usual chain stores like Uniqlo and Muji and so on, but also lots of independent shops and cafes. We will ask Kate to come with us. I haven’t seen her since we all had dinner a few months ago.

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Betty: Mark in my geography class went to that center a few weekends ago with his girlfriend and he wasn’t impressed. In fact, they both hated the place and Mark said they wouldn’t be returning. He said it was way too big and they were wasting their time wandering around and getting lost. He said the signs are not clear so they couldn’t find what they wanted. And there was only one concierge desk on the ground floor and the lines were very long so they couldn’t even ask for directions.

Yvonne: Well, I’ve been several times and I know the center like the back of my hand. It’s fantastic.

Betty: Mark said there were interactive screens on each floor that told you where the shops were, but he couldn’t get near them because the kids were playing on them all. I don’t mind shopping, but I don’t want to spend the whole afternoon lugging around not knowing where I am.

Yvonne: I mean it when I say I know the place like the back of my hand! I will be your shopping center guide. There are some great things there: a new cinema and lots of interesting places to eat. We had tea at a great Japanese cafe called Matcha 37 last time. The matcha cake was to die for. You must try it.

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Yvonne: I have a tutorial at twelve o’clock on Saturday, so I will meet at around half past twelve. Will it be ok?

Betty:  Perfect. I have to go to basketball practice on Saturday morning, so I’ll grab a sandwich at the cafe and then I’ll come meet you.

Betty: Of course. Where do you want to meet? Somewhere near your learning center and then we can go to the center from there?

We Go Shopping This Evening

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